Against the Wall

Director: John Frankenheimer

Writer(s): Ron Hutchinson

Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Samuel L. Jackson, Clarence Williams III, Frederic Forrest, Steve Harris, DeForest Mapp, David Edward Perry. Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Vincent Harris, James ‘Sonny’ Moore, Danny Drew

Synopsis: Based on the true story of the Attica Prison uprising of 1971.

Release Date: March 26, 1994 (USA) | Length: 111 min | Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for a graphic depiction of a prison uprising, and for some strong language.

Note: I didn’t see Tiny’s name in IMDB but I saw him in several scenes in the film. Having trouble identifying one of the reporters. IMDB says there are two. One is black and the other is white but I wasn’t able to find images for either of the names online to narrow it down. Below is a screen capture. I also wasn’t able to find Danny Drew in the film. He played Kareem, so I just assumed.

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