Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Writer(s): Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett (characters), Joss Whedon

Actors: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman, Gary Dourdan, Michael Wincott, Kim Flowers, Dan Hedaya, Brad Dourif, Leland Orser, Raynond Cruz

Synopsis: Two centuries after her death, Ellen Ripley is revived as a powerful human/alien hybrid clone who must continue her war against the aliens.

Release Date: November 26, 1997 (USA) | Length: 109 min | Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong sci-fi violence and gore, some grotesque images, and for language.


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