Director: Michael Apted

Writer(s): Walter Mosley (book “Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned”), teleplay

Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Daniel Williams, Bill Cobbs, Cicely Tyson, Bill Nunn, Isaiah Washington, Bill Duke, Natalie Cole, Kevin Carroll, Jamaal Carter, John Toles-Bey, Brooke Marie Bridges, Sammi Rotibi, Art Evans, Dan Martin, Paula Jai Parker, Vonte Sweet, John Wesley, John Cothran

Synopsis: Socrates Fortlow (Laurence Fishburne) has just finished a stint in prison and settles into a new life in Los Angeles. Determined to live on the straight and narrow, Socrates looks for work but finds himself competing with younger, stronger men for menial jobs. He befriends his elderly neighbor, Right Burke (Bill Cobbs), and tries to help Darryl (Daniel Williams), a young boy in danger of ending up in prison. Socrates also starts a relationship with Iula (Natalie Cole) that quickly turns serious.

Release Date: March 21, 1998 (USA)| Length: 104 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong language, and some sexuality and violence.

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