Director: Mario Van Peebles

Writer(s): Mario Van Peebles

Starring: William Fichtner, Ryan Guzman, Shakira Barrera, Mario Van Peebles, Eugene Cordero, Laz Alonso, Columbus Short, Jemma Dallender, Charles Halford, Lane Garrison, Brad Carter, Paul Rodriguez, Dionne WarwickMelvin Van Peebles, Alena Savostikova, D.C. Young FlyChristopher Michael, Sam Littlefield, Rocsi Diaz, DesiignerMorgana Van Peebles, Anna TalakkotturEarthquake, Folake OlowofoyekuVan JonesLynette Gatlin, Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr., Gable Swanlund, David Kenneth Sommerville, Diego Kuri, Ryan P. Shrime, Claire Liz Phillips, Justin Nesbitt, Cheryl Dent, Robert Artz,  Ivo Buhles, Cameron MacKenzie, Vincent Brantley, Geoffrey Ross, Roland MartinMark Oby Brown, Mandy Newton, Edward Beckford, Michael S. Garcia, Dennis Nicomede, Amber Melfi, Tony Hua, Dae McDonald, Alexis Queen, Angelo Williams

Synopsis: A former U.S. Marshall struggling to put his life together after a case gone wrong. A former colleague reappears in his life and explains all of the survivors of the man’s unit are suffering the same symptoms and that there may be a larger conspiracy at hand.

Release Date: September 14, 2018 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Action, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, language throughout including some sexual references, and for graphic nudity.

Note: Film title was changed from “If” to “Armed”. The film had an original release date of February 2, 2018. Now there is a limited theatrical/VOD release date of September 14, 2018.

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