Director: David J. Buchanan

Writer(s): David J. Buchanan

Starring: Toussaint Morrison, Geoff Briley, Malick Ceesay, Addison Pennington, Matt Cedarberg, Valerie Rose, Charla Marie Bailey, Amanda Day, N’Namdi Andersen, Connor Nelson, Kiara Jackson, Leonard Searcy, Rod Kasai, Krista Barnes, Paul Economon, James Wilsford, Chris Clay, Zach Damond-Midnight, D’Azhane Felder-Johnson, Michael Jemison, Robert Nabor, Derek Pearson

Synopsis: A black man begins an uprising after his brother is killed by police during a routine traffic stop.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: 80 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: I would have to see the film to better identify people. I haven’t found a release date for this on any info on its status. I didn’t find a trailer for the film. Above is a pitch for the film.

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