Director: Nijla Mu’min

Writer(s): Nijla Mu’min

Starring: Crystal Cotton (Tara), Kobie Dozier (Rashawn), Kevin Hunter (Bronson), Donna Simone Johnson (Rashawn’s Mother), Ka’ramuu Kush (Marcel), Mayumi Rhone (Tanji), Aramé Scott (Dream), Arielle Siler (Carnival lovers), Hope Steinman-Iacullo (Carnival lovers), Maceo Fisher (Sexy man in store)

Synopsis: A 12-year-old girl strives to rekindle her parent’s dwindling romance at her desert town’s annual carnival, and learns painful lessons about love in the process. Adapted from Nijla Mu’min’s short story, “The Carnival,” this bittersweet family drama looks at dream and reality in the mind of a developing girl who who waits for her truck-driving father to come home.

Release Date: July 30, 2015 (USA) | Length: 17 min | Genre: Short, Drama | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Premiered at the Blackstar Film Festival in 2015. Story adopted from a short story by Nijla Mu’min called “The Carnival”. I don’t usually put cast list with characters but there was an issue with actors missing from the IMDB listing and who played what character.

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