Director: Alan Berger

Writer(s): Alan Berger

Starring: Finn Carter, Ernie Hudson, Joe Ricci, Jamil Walker Smith, Rif Hutton, Haskell V. Anderson III, Vivian Smallwood, Melvin Keith Taylor, Steven Williams

Synopsis: Police detective Tom Blacks biggest mystery is finding himself. Presented with an ultimatum by the Mrs. — she wants another child; he thinks one is enough, especially since the kids in rehab. What are you going for, a group discount? — Black finds himself out in the world, alone.

The detectives life goes into a tailspin as he faces his biggest challenge: waking up in the morning. Hes drained by obligations and rehab payments, and his job goes south, courtesy of his corrupt partner, Mike. Despite it all, Black manages to find a measure of humor and redemption and realizes that you don’t know what you have until its all you’ve got.

Halfway Decent is the story of one mans journey to find the key to his front door.

Release Date: October 20, 2005 (USA) | Length: 69 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown

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