Director: Carl Franklin

Writer(s): Paul Aaron (story), Michael Henry Brown (story & screenplay)

Actors: Mary Alice, John Beasley, Ulysses Zachary, Eve Black, Jay Brooks, Edna Duncan, Tony Brubaker, Gary Groomes, Juanita Jennings, Chrys Carrol, Robin Hickman, Scott Lawrence, Lotis Key, Dan Martin, Montae Russell, Ondrea Shalbetter, Leonard R. Garner Jr., Gary Dourdan, Marion McClinton, Rhonda Stubbins White, Vonte Sweet, Malinda Williams, Mel Winkler

Synopsis: A weekend in the life of the Arnett family. The events of a forty eight hour period have a rainbow of incidents. From a preacher to a drug dealer; from an innocent young school girl to a reformed drug addict gone bad. The same scenario that millions of American families encounter each day in suburbia; both black and white and brown and yellow. There are no racial boundaries to the ups and downs of the real American life.

Release Date: July 10, 1993 (USA) | Length: 180 min | Genre: Drama | Rating: R

Note: I didn’t find a trailer for the film. Above is a clip from the movie.

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