Director: James Glickenhaus

Writer(s): James Glickenhaus

Starring: Robert Ginty, Samantha Eggar, Christopher George, Steve James, Roger Grimsby, Michele Harrell ,Judy Licht, Stan Getz, Irwin Keyes, Antonia French, Dwouane Wilson, Sullivan Walker, Stanley Greene, Samuel L. Jackson

Synopsis: A Vietnam veteran declares a one-man war on crime after his best friend is paralyzed in a vicious attack by thugs. He declares war not only on the criminals who injured his friend, but on the entire lawless underclass.

Release Date: September 19, 1980 (USA) | Length: 104 min | Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller | Rating: R

Note: I didn’t see Samuel L. Jackson in the movie but he is listed as an extra and there are a lot of people walking around on the streets of NYC in the film so he could be in there and I just missed him.

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