Director: Cliff Roquemore

Writer(s): Jerry Jones, Rudy Ray Moore

Starring: Rudy Ray Moore, Lady Reed, Jimmy Lynch, Gloria Delaney, Howard Jackson, Lord Java, J.B. Baron, James R. Page, Jerry Jones, Ed Montgomery, Herb Graham, Ernie Hudson, Kathyn Hayes, Barbara Gerl, Peaches Jones, Marie Carter, Michael Lee, Jack Kelly, Wesley Gale, Fred Spencer, Gory Brandan, Paul Fox, Ben A. Taylor, Patti Williams, Shirill King, Fletcher Weatherspoon, Freddie DeFox, Billy Nighten Gale, Greg Colbrook, Javier Ambrez, Anne Gaybis, Billy Watkins, Laura Welcome, Robert Huerta, Louis Jaurez, Fred Saunders, Bob Rosenbaum, Mikie Gist, Manuel DePina, Cora Lee Day, Tyomo Tey, Ron Trice, Leland Smith, Hollie Sands, Pat Thomas, William Morgan, Sharon Lee, Napoleon Wright, Nathaniel Sullivan, O.C. Wilson, Stephen Kosworth, Ruth Sitton, John Alda, Valade, Ceaser January, Cardella Di Milo, Doug Senior, John Di Fusco, Anna Marie Nicolas, Stephen Louis, Robert Factor, Sir George, Toney Watkins, Carol Bell, Lorrie Marlow, Sonny Romero, Arnie Graffer, Sammy Green, Gwendolyn Westbrook, Mark Toepfer, Iola Henry, Steve Fisher, Gary Williams, Tim Tackett, Claudia Macone, Sarita Caress, Wendy Cavanaugh, James Fouratt, Rama, Bryan Holman, Roy Romious, Raymond Johnson, Tony Lancaster, Wilbert Terry, Xavier Chatman

Synopsis: One of several Rudy Ray Moore films, THE HUMAN TORNADO is part of the on-going adventures of Dolemite: a signifying’ super-hero. Dolemite comes to the rescue of Queen Bee, whose primarily black Nightclub is threatened by White Mafia types.

Release Date: October 2, 1976 (USA) | Length: 98 min | Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Musical | Rating: R

Note: I am not able to identify most of the cast of this movie because 1) most of the actors have very generic names, making it hard to find pictures, 2) this film was their only film, 3) there are not character names listed for most of the cast and 4) based on what I saw in the trailer, I’m not sure that watching the movie would help.

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