Director: Joe Chappelle

Writer(s): Joe Chappelle

Starring: Tika Sumpter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Tavassoli, Jeff Hephner, Deanna Dunagan, Alex Weisman, Ali Burch, Clarke Peters, David Eigenberg, Alysia Reiner, Rex Linn, Carmen Roman, Henry Godinez, Tim Hopper, Rashaad Hall, Troy West, José Antonio García, Peggy Roeder, Jin You, Patrick Mulvey, Jack Ball, Bella Wholey, Brittany Baker, Nate Faust, Allison Ungar, Vincent Teninty, Kate Johnson, Kylan Conroy, Matthias Kocur, Clarence E. Davis, Kevin Useni, Eric C. Lynch, Jermaine McTizic, Jake Szczepaniak, Ben Wilson, John R. Thomsen, Jennifer Latimore, Evelyn Blackwell, Tyra DePillars, Steven Dutton, Robert Galati, Jennifer A. Goodman, Phil Madura, Russ Panzarella, Sean Skyler, David James Slama, Marc Wilkinson

Synopsis: A former top US security advisor, Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Lamm is threatened by associates from her dark past including Rachel Burke, a steely, commanding politician with an unwavering knack for achieving her goals. Colluding with Rachel is Adrian, an unyielding, patriotic chief of staff. Martin harbors another type of obsession with Libby. This quartet converges as Libby seeks redemption, Rachel and Adrian seek compliance and Martin seeks the truth.

Release Date: 2018 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Unknown

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