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If there is one thing Guardians of the Galaxy did not lack for, it was lovable and funny characters. From the opening moments, where Star-Lord danced to Redbones’ Come and Get Your Love it was clear that this movie would not have typical heroes. Sure enough, audiences soon fell in love with the all too literal alien Drax, the foul mouthed and foul tempered sentient raccoon Rocket, and Groot — a living tree with limited vocabulary. Despite these characters all being criminals to some degree, their humor and heart won over the audience. Making it all the more heartbreaking when Groot sacrificed himself near the end of the film to save his friends.

In spite of having actually exploded, Groot proved to be far from gone. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy his best friend Rocket rescued a sapling from Groot’s body, one that showed off his own dance moves during the credits. The tiny creature, refered to as Baby Groot, has been heavily featured in the marketing for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. From being prominent in the trailers to gracing magazine covers, it’s safe to say that Baby Groot has become a full-fledged member of the Guardians. Even if he causes more trouble than he prevents.

Both Groot and Baby Groot are voiced by actor Vin Diesel. According to Total Film (via ComicBook), Vin Diesel explained what his biggest challenge is with voicing both his tallest and his smallest characters:

“It’s very, very challenging because you’re limited to three words. There’s a secret script that I get where it has all of Groot’s lines, but the catch of it all is the only was I can say it is: ‘I am Groot.’”


Whenever Groot said his single phrase — “I am Groot” — there is a clearly different inflection and intention behind it each time. It sounds like Diesel uses this secret script to correlate the correct emotions to the words.

There are also some intense differences between Groot’s voice and Baby Groot’s. Diesel’s naturally deep voice served Groot well, but Baby Groot’s voice is much higher. The actor admits that the change in voices might not just be due to his own skills:

“I have a feeling they’ll do a combination of things [to alter the sound electronically]. I mean, I do it super high-pitched.”

He might have a little electronic help in making Baby Groot sound as young as he does in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But it certainly sounds like Diesel is doing as much of the work as he can.


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