Director: Edward Dmytryk

Writer(s): Franklin Coen, Elliott Arnold, Daniel Taradash

Starring: William Holden, Richard Widmark, Janice Rule, Patrick O’Neal, Victoria Shaw, Roger C. Carmel, Richard Rust, Arthur Franz, Don ‘Red’ Barry, Duke Hobbie, Harry Carey Jr., Howard Caine, Mauritz Hugo, Barry Atwater, Robert Morgan, Paul Lukather, Stephanie Hill, Indus Arthur, Clint Ritchie, Frank Baker, Ivan Browning, Pepe Callahan, Arlene Charles, Roberto Contreras, Scatman Crothers, Boone Dugas, Barbara Eaton, Jacqueline Fontaine, Anthony Ghazlo Sr., Peter Goff, Sonya Harrison, Patrick Hawley, Bill Holliday, Jerry Leggio, Walter Maslow, John McKee, Mantan Moreland, Sally Nichols, Joyce Perry, Pedro Regas, Sherry Staiger, Frank Sully, Hal Taggart, Jan Watson, Guy Wilkerson, James Wood, Grant Woods

Synopsis: During the Civil War, Mexican cattleman Alvarez Kelly supplies the Union with cattle until Confederate Colonel Tom Rossiter’s hungry men force Kelly to change his customers.

Release Date: October 6, 1966 (USA) | Length: 116 min | Genre: Western | Certificate: Approved

Note: I didn’t see any of Charity Warwick’s servants in the cast list. Mantan Moreland appears in the brothel scene as the bartender but has no speaking lines and is barely visible. The same with Scatman Crothers. Ivan Browning is more visible in the film than the aforementioned but he has no speaking lines either.


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