Christmas Holidate (2023)

Comedy, Drama, General Film, Holiday, Romance

Director: Gregory Alan Williams

Writer(s): Aaron L. Williams, Dani Renee

Starring: Jasmine Burke, Gregory Alan Williams, DeAnna Yarbough, Natalie W. Baker, Iroko Anyogu, Erica Page, Xamon Glasper, Tory Bakewell, Darius Davis, Donald Davis, Derrick Dee, Toni Leslie, Jay Peterson, Robert Williams

Synopsis: When single businesswoman Holly Harper uses her company’s unreleased dating app to ease family tension during the holidays, a glitch in the app causes more than one date to arrive.

Release Date: November 2, 2023 (USA) | Length: 84 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Holiday, Romance | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Casting gets confusing. Jay Peterson is listed as the Guy 3 but he is the last one to come to the door. Also doesn’t help that IMDB links Jay to a new profile when his profile already existed. Robert Williams is listed as Guy 4 and he never comes to the door, just appears in he living room with Guy 1 and Guy 2. Derrick Dee also has a new profile on IMDB but his other credits are listed under Derrick Dee Drake. Derrick and Jay are both recognizable in the movie. Donald Davis and Darius Davis are both identified as Guy 1 and Guy 2 respectively on both IMDB and the films credits. Both credits also misidentify Jay as being Guy 3. I’m not sure if I have found Dani Renee. The one credited here worked for Tyler Perry. The one I found online writes and teaches yoga. Aaron L. Williams, Gregory Alan Williams and Peter Wise are producers on this project.