David A. Arnold: It Ain’t for the Weak (2022)

Comedy, Documentary, Made for TV, Rhonda Recommended

Director: Malakai

Writer(s): David A. Arnold

Starring: David A. Arnold, Julie Arnold, Ashlyn Arnold, Anna Grace Arnold, Chris Spencer, Amberia Allen, Tammi Carson, Barbara Arnold Massey, Eddie Arnold, Jacci Arnold, Bobby Massey, Robert P. Hardis, Kevin T. Houchins, Christopher Brooks

Synopsis: Comedian David A. Arnold is back on Netflix with a new special, “It Ain’t for the Weak!”. The Show taped earlier this year at The Hanna Theater in Arnold’s hometown of Cleveland, OH.

Release Date: July 19, 2022 (USA) | Length: 78 min | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: TV-MA | Note(s): Tiffany Brown, Kevin Hart and Bryan Smiley are producers on this project. The superintendent at Beachwood is listed in the documentary as Bob Harris but his name is actually Robert P. Hardis.