Director: Derwin Abrahams

Writer(s): Earl Derr Biggers (characters), Scott Darling (original screenplay)

Starring: Roland Winters, Virginia Dale, Mantan Moreland, John Gallaudet, Victor Sen Yung, Carol Forman, Douglas Fowley, Harry Hayden, Howard Negley, Stanley Andrews, Emmett Vogan, Boyd Irwin, Rory Mallinson, George J. Lewis, Paul Conrad, Dian Fauntelle, Haywood Jones, Forrest Matthews, Mathew McCue, Fred Miller, Cap Somers, Larry Steers, Frank Stephens, Ferris Taylor, Jack Tornek, Wally Walker, Eric Wilton

Synopsis: After the partners in the LaFontaine Chemical Co. sign a legal agreement leaving their share to the surviving partner(s), two of them are murdered.

Release Date: March 21, 1948 (USA) | Length: 64 min | Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama | Certificate: Approved

Note: I wasn’t able to identify Haywood Jones.



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