Director: Carl Reiner

Writer(s): Joseph Stein (play), Carl Reiner (novel & screenplay),  Joseph Stein (screenplay)

Starring: José Ferrer, Shelley Winters, Elaine May, Jack Gilford, Janet Margolin, David Opatoshu, Michael J. Pollard, Don Rickles, Richard Deacon, Nancy Kovack, Reni Santoni, Herbie Faye, Rob Reiner, Danny Stein, Milton Frome, Lillian Adams, Mantan Moreland, Patrick Campbell, Peter Brocco, Phil Arnold, Hans Moebus, Ralph Montgomery, Leoda Richards, Arthur Tovey, John Bell Young

Synopsis: David Kolowitz, a nice young man living with his parents in New York City in 1938, works at a machine repair shop. His parents want David to study to become a pharmacist. But what he really wants is to be an actor like his idol, Ronald Colman. One day, at his friend Marvin’s suggestion, David tries out for a part in a play, and gets it, despite his obvious lack of acting experience (not to mention ability). True, it’s a rather small part in a low-rent production. Leading the troupe is a washed-up, alcoholic actor who hires David at the urging of his actress-daughter, who finds David “cute.” To play his part, David must come up with his own costume – a tuxedo – and pay the house five dollars a week, ostensibly for tuition. But it is David’s first acting job, one which calls for him to “enter laughing.” And if it doesn’t work out – well, there’s always pharmacy school.

Release Date: February 25, 1967 (USA) | Length: 112 min | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: Approved

Note: Missing trailer. Above is a clip from the film. Mantan Moreland doesn’t appear in the clip and is only in the film for a few moments.



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