Missing Trailer

Director: Irving Reis

Writer(s): Bert Granet, Ian McLellan Hunter, Bert Granet Paul Gerard Smith

Starring: Alan Mowbray, Donald MacBride, Elisabeth Risdon, Lee Bonnell, Elyse Knox, Charles Quigley, Georgia Backus, Jay Belasco, Eddie Borden, Frank Bruno, Paul E. Burns, Chester Clute, Jimmy Conlin, Eddie Conrad, Alec Craig, Peter Duray, Dick Elliott, Carl Freemanson, Bernard Gorcey, Charles Halton, Tom Hanlon, Harold Hoff, Lew Kelly, Tom Kennedy, Donald Kerr, Charles Lane, Paul Le Pere, Keye Luke, Buck Mack, Frank Moran, Mantan Moreland, Jack Norton, Frank O’Connor, Dagmar Oakland, Bradley Page, Jane Patten, Joey Ray, Al Rosen, Shimen Ruskin, Sammy Stein, Chester Tallman, Solly Ward, Harry Wilson, Arthur Yeoman

Synopsis: Alan Mowbray and Donald MacBride reprise their roles in “Curtain Call” as theatrical producers Donald Avery and Geoffrey ‘Jeff’ Crandall. This time they try to con a millionairess into funding their latest show by posing as old friends of her lost love.

Release Date: March 21, 1941 (USA) | Length: 69 min | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: Passed

Note: Still searching for this film.



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