Director: Jean Yarbrough

Writer(s): Gene Stratton-Porter (novel), Edmond Kelso

Starring: Johnny Downs, Gale Storm, Mantan Moreland, Irving Bacon, Bradley Page, Marvin Stephens, Betty Blythe, Walter Sande, Max Hoffman Jr., John Ince, Laurence Criner, Irving Mitchell, Gene O’Donnell, Si Jenks, Bob Burns, Rube Dalroy, Earle Hodgins, Murdock MacQuarrie, Rose Plumer, Al Thompson

Synopsis: Freckles (Johnny Downs) comes home from college…and the sheriff accuses him of murder, gangsters put him on the spot, and his girl friend, Jane (Gale Storm), falls in love with a confidence man.

Release Date: January 2, 1942 (USA) | Length: 63 min | Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime | Certificate: Passed


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