Missing Trailer

Director: Ricardo Cortez

Writer(s): Hilda Stone, Barry Trivers, M. Clay Adams

Starring: Florence Rice, Kent Taylor, Lionel Atwill, Kay Aldridge, Mary Treen, Jack Carson, Elyse Knox, Joan Valerie, Dorothy Dearing, Dorothy Moore, Julie Bishop, Charles C. Wilson, William B. Davidson, Lenita Lane, Lillian Porter, Alice Armand, Gladys Costello, Adrian Morris, Lee Phelps, Charles Williams, Evalyn Knapp, Pat O’Malley, James Flavin, Ralph Dunn, Eddy Chandler, Rex Evans, Iris Wong, Laura Treadwell, Grace Hayle, Edward Cooper, Billy Wayne, Mantan Moreland, Iva Stewart, Florence Wright, Ralph Brooks, Jack Chefe, James Conaty, Bess Flowers, Edmund Mortimer, Manuel París, Cyril Ring, Larry Steers

Synopsis: A police agent infiltrates a gang of jewel thieves and on the way to finding who the evildoers are, falls in love with a thief.

Release Date: May 31, 1940 (USA) | Length: 56 min | Genre: Crime, Drama | Certificate: Approved

Note: Mantan Moreland only appears at the end of the film, before the end credits, for a brief moment.



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