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Director: Harold D. Schuster

Writer(s): Ladislas Fodor, Robert Riley Crutcher, Vicki Baum, Guy Trosper

Starring: Don Ameche, Joan Bennett, Billie Burke, Frank Craven, Alan Dinehart, Helene Reynolds, Fortunio Bonanova, Ted North, Doris Merrick, Dale Evans, Roseanne Murray, Janis Carter, Vivian Blaine, Trudy Marshall, Robert Greig, Joseph Crehan, Mantan Moreland, Arthur Loft, John Kelly, Matt McHugh, George Lessey, Edwin Stanley, Edith Evanson, Eddie Acuff, Lee Bennett, Frances Cain, Ruth Cherrington, Frank Coghlan Jr., Jeff Corey, Mary Currier, Arno Frey, Marjorie Kane, Gayne Kinsey, Lois Landon, Forbes Murray, Henry Roquemore, Jack Stoney, Bruce Warren, Doodles Weaver

Synopsis: A South American, Pablo Sullivan (Don Ameche), comes to New York City during World Wat Two, seeking investment money for the rubber plantation of his father. He rents the apartment of socialite June Delaney (Joan Bennet) who, for reasons of her own, pretends to be the maid.

Release Date: October 9, 1942 (USA) | Length: 81 min | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: Approved

Note: Mantan Moreland is only in this film for a few moments.



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