Girlfriends’ Getaway 2 (2015)

Comedy, Made for TV, Romance

Director: Roger M. Bobb

Writer(s): Cas Sigers Beedles

Starring: Garcelle Beauvais, Terri J. Vaughn, Essence AtkinsMalinda Williams, Stephen BishopKhalil Kain, Xiona R. Nieves-Vargas, Eli Cay, Teresa Truesdale, Elia Enid Cadilla, Victoria Lauture, Maria Coral Otero, Johnathan Dwayne, Juan Botta, Christian Martinez, Geraldine Fernandez, Luis Antonio Ponce, Aj Oliveras, Franchesca Soto

Synopsis: A bride and her three friends travel to Puerto Rico for her wedding when chaos ensues.

Release Date: August 29, 2015 (USA) | Length: 84 min | Genre: Comedy, Romance | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Cast list is a combination of IMDB and actual film credits but neither list covers the full cast.