Missing Trailer

Director: Jean Yarbrough

Writer(s): Stanley Roberts, Fanya Foss

Starring: Donald Woods, Elyse Knox, Eddie Quillan, Frank Jenks, Phyllis Brooks, Jerome Cowan, Matt Willis, Florence Lake, Charles Coleman, George Beatty, Mantan Moreland, Jack Mulhall, Ray Eberle’s Orchestra, Wingy Manone, Wingy Manone and His Orchestra, Delta Rhythm Boys (Lee Gaines, Traverse Crawford, Clinton Holland, Kelsey Pharr, Rene DeKnight), Mayris Chaney, Mayris Chaney Dance Trio, Leo Diamond, Leo Diamond Quintet, Hacker Duo, The Nilsson Sisters, Eileen Nilsson, Elsa Nilsson, Martin Ashe, Hal K. Dawson, Kay Deslys, Phil Dunham, Fern Emmett, Jody Gilbert, Marie Harmon, Grace Hayle, Patsy Moran, Frank Penny, Rebel Randall, Robin Raymond, Jack C. Smith, Harry Strang, Al Thompson, Martha Vickers, Ray Walker

Synopsis: Bob Jackson and his three Merchant Marine shipmates have each invested $50 in a song Bob has written and which he thinks will be published for a fee of $200. In a taxicab driven by Pat Rogers, they search for the publisher’s office but finally realize they have been swindled. Plus, they now owe Pat a large taxi-bill. They go to a serviceman’s canteen where a noted singer, Annabelle is performing. As she leaves she drops an expensive cigarette-case which is picked up by Pat. She tells Bob to return the case and pay the cab-fare from an anticipated reward. At the night club where Annabelle is appearing,(along with the very female Mayris Chaney and HER Dance Trio) Bob’s intentions are misunderstood and a brawl ensues.

Release Date: October 8, 1943 (USA) | Length: 63 min | Genre: Comedy, Music | Certificate: Passed


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