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Director: Charles Lamont

Writer(s): Dorothy Bennett, Charles Kenyon, Jay Dratler, Aleen Leslie

Starring: Gloria Jean, Ian Hunter, Donald O’Connor, Frieda Inescort, Louise Allbritton, Mary Lou Harrington, Raymond Roe, Charles Coleman, Leon Belasco, Beatrice Roberts, The Guadalajara Trio, Dorothy Babb, Jean De Briac, Roland Dupree, Joe Geil, Vinton Hayworth, Maynard Holmes, Edward Keane, Jack Lindquist, Jane McNab, Jean McNab, Sidney Miller, Mantan Moreland, Tommy Rall, Rebel Randall, Walter Tetley, Phil Warren

Synopsis: Victoria Peabody (Gloria Jean) and her younger sister, Constance (Mary Lou Harrington), go to New York City to live with with their father, Tom Peabody (Ian Hunter). The two girls become involved with his love life, in which two rivals are competing to become his wife.

Release Date: April 9, 1943 (USA) | Length: 61 min | Genre: Comedy, Music | Certificate: Approved

Note: Mantan only appears for a brief moment at the beginning of the film.



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