Director: Shaka King

Writer(s): Will Berson, Charles D. King, Shaka King, The Lucas Brothers (Keith Lucas, Kenneth Lucas)

Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Lakeith Stanfield, Dominique Fishback, Jesse Plemons, Ashton Sanders, Algee Smith, Ian Duff, Karman Jones, Mell Bowser, Josh Heileman, Bryant Lyles

Synopsis: The film will follow the rise and untimely demise of Fred Hampton as seen through the eyes of William O’Neal, the man who betrayed Hampton to the FBI. It will also explore how the FBI infiltrated the Black Panthers, the psychology of their informant and the notorious assassination of the young political leader who died aged only 21.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Biography, Drama, History | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: To be produced by Ryan Coogler and Charles D. King’s MACRO company. The screenplay is based on a story originated by Shaka King, Will Berson and the Lucas Bros. Title changed from “Jesus Was My Homeboy” to “Jesus Is My Homeboy”.


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