Journal For Jordan (2021)

Director: Denzel Washington

Writer(s): Virgil Williams and John Burnham Schwartz (screenplay), Dana Canedy (article)

Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Tamara Tunie, Robert Wisdom, Chanté Adams, Susan Pourfar, Cleveland Berto, Vanessa Aspillaga, Joey Brooks, Annabel O’Hagan, Johnny M. Wu, Samuel Caleb Walker, Vivian Adams, Julian Vidaurrazaga, Spencer Squire, Jalon Christian, John-Deric Mitchell, Nate Luis Silva, Stephen Sherman, Marisol Correa, Bob Leszczak, Sean Ryal

Synopsis: 1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King, before he is killed in action in Baghdad, authors a journal for his son intended to tell him how to live a decent life despite growing up without a father.

Release Date: December 22, 2021 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Original announcement. Michael B. Jordan, Donald Sparks and Denzel Washington are producers on this project.