Missing Trailer

Director: Howard Bretherton

Writer(s): John W. Krafft, George Waggner

Starring: Frankie Darro, Joy Hodges, George Houston, Mantan Moreland, Kay Sutton, Guy Usher, Lillian Elliott, Veda Ann Borg, Betty Compson, Rolfe Sedan, Maxine Leslie, Ralph Peters, Gene O’Donnell

Synopsis: Frankie Kelly, pageboy at the beauty salon ran by Madam Celeste, and his helper Jefferson find the routine broken when the body of one of the operators, Florence, is found in the dumbwaiter. She had been shot just before she was to give Detective Dan Haggerty information about a blackmail gang. Since Mary Baker, Frankie’s girl friend saw her last, she is suspected, and Frankie determines to clear her using his own sleuthing methods. He has hardy begun when Pierre, another member of the staff, and Florence’s fiancée is found dead.

Release Date: August 12, 1940 (USA) | Length: 63 min | Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery | Certificate: Passed



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