Let It Fall: L.A. 1982-1992 (2017)

Documentary, History

Director: John Ridley

Writer(s): John Ridley

Starring: Marjean Banks, Robert Simpach, Thomas Elfmont, James Mincey Jr., Michael Moulin, Lisa Phillips, Max Robinson, Tom Bradley, Daryl Gates, Bobby Green, Linda Griego, Donnell Alexander, Mark Jackson, Kevin Toshima, Paul Jefferson, Donald JonesTerry White, Bryant Allen, Freddie Helms, Rodney King, Kee Whan Ha, Jenny Lee, Jung Hui Lee, Lakeshia Combs, Henry King, Peter Jennings, Stacey C. Koon, Theodore J. Briseno, Laurence M. Powell, Timothy E. Wind, Henry Keith WatsonGeorgiana Williams, Damian Williams, Tim Goldman, Gary Williams, Ronald Reagen

Synopsis: An in-depth look at the culture of Los Angeles in the ten years leading up to the 1992 uprising that erupted after the verdict of police officers cleared of beating Rodney King.

Release Date: April 21, 2017 (USA) | Length: 143 min | Genre: History | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: This documentary was originally set to premiere on ABC April 28, 2017 but was released in theatres the week before. I started to watch this film to better identify people but I stopped at 1:31:21, that was about all I could take. I might get back to it eventually – but not today.