Director: William Beaudine

Writer(s): Lex Neal, Vernon Smith

Starring: Mantan Moreland, F.E. Miller, Maceo Bruce Sheffield, Arthur Ray , Florence O’Brien, Harold Garrison, Jessie Cryer, Napoleon Whiting, Jess Lee Brooks, Ida Coffin, Nathan Curry, Millie Monroe, Louise Franklin, Lucille Battle, Avanelle Harris, Monte Hawley, Vernon McCalla, Harry Levette, Henry Hastings, Florence Field, John Lester Johnson, Edward Thompson, Lester Christmas, Reginald Fenderson, Lorenza Flennoy and His Chocolate Drops (Walter Williams (trumpet), George Reed (drums), Joe Lewis (guitar), Marguerite Whitten, Buck Woods

Synopsis: Two down-on-their luck friends suddenly hit the “jackpot” when they win the clothes, car and chauffeur of a rich man in a game of dice. They wind up in a sanitarium that’s being used as an exclusive, though illegal, gambling club and get mixed up with beautiful women, jealous gangsters and ghosts.

Release Date: February 10, 1942 (USA) | Length: 61 min | Genre: Comedy, Thriller | Certificate: Approved

Note: Also known as “Lady Luck”. Still looking for a picture of Vernon McCalla. Lorenza Flennoy is actually Lorenzo Flennoy.


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