Luther (2023)

Director: Jamie Payne

Writer(s): Neil Cross

Starring: Andy Serkis, Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, Dermot Crowley, Lauryn Ajufo, Andy Apollo, Jess Liaudin, Nicola Achilleas, James Travis, Daniel Eghan, Callum Chiplin, Cain Aiden, Tianyi Kiy, Natasha Patel, Peter Theobalds, Henry Hereford, Einar Kuusk, Mikael Kaaber, Bianca Bardoe, Orlando Brooke, Parvinder Kaur, Jonathan Staples, Shane Askam, Sachiko Yokoyama, Alexander Anderson, Bluebell Farey, Ben Vincent, Samuel Spring, Valerie Ósk Elenudóttir, Naomi Bowman, Paul Fairlie, Alex Mason, Tony McCarthy, Zoltan Rencsar

Synopsis: Feature film inspired by the TV series, “Luther.”

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original announcement. Filming to begin September 2021. Idris Elba is a producer on this project. I wasn’t able to identify Jonathan Staples. No official trailer yet. Above is a promo for films coming to Netflix in 2023.