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Director: Thornton Freeland

Writer(s): Sándor Faragó & Alexander G. Kenedi (story “The Boy, The Girl, and The Dog”), Jack Andrews (screenplay)

Starring: Brenda Joyce, Bruce Edwards, George Barbier, Hardie Albright, Ludwig Stössel, Bodil Rosing, Brandon Tynan, Charles Arnt, George Meeker, Frank McGlynn Sr., Eula Guy, Monica Bannister, Paul E. Burns, Edward Cooper, John Elliott, Sam Flint, Alexander Granach, Grace Hayle, Robert Homans, Arthur Hoyt, Milton Kibbee, Roger McGee, Paul McGrath, Matt McHugh, Harold Miller, Mantan Moreland, Adrian Morris, Forbes Murray, Spec O’Donnell, Lon Poff, Lillian Porter, Cyril Ring, Marshall Ruth, Charles Tannen, Minerva Urecal, Fred Walburn, Ray Walker, Marek Windheim

Synopsis: A young man from Kansas goes to New York to work for his tycoon-hero. His superiors won’t listen to his ideas about business, but the boss and his daughter do.

Release Date: November 28, 1941 (USA) | Length: 60 min | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: Approved



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