Director: Philip Thomas Morelli

Writer(s): Alice Del Corso

Starring: Gary Dourdan

Synopsis: set in the near future where a special high-tech device that expands brain potential has created a wide gap in society. A social worker with a secret identity has got five days to unveil a dark truth hidden by a powerful scientist and save his family from harm.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: 135 min | Genre: Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: To be released on the internet. Film was suppose to be released in March but I didn’t find any updates on the Company’s Site or Facebook. So far all I’ve found is a picture posted on Philip’s Instagram page of the script’s cover. Philip’s Official Site has been taken down. It looks like production is back on for this film according to Deadline Hollywood. There is currently a poster and a runtime, but still no release date.



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