Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding (2020)

Nov 28, 2020 | Drama, Made for TV, Romance

Director: Sharon Lewis

Writer(s): Andrea Stevens

Starring: Kelly Rowland, Bresha Webb, Debbi Morgan, Jaime M. Callica, Thomas Cadrot, Latonya Williams, Nathan Witte, Bobby Stewart, Adil Zaidi, Thalia Campbell

Synopsis: Lifetime’s first-ever Christmas sequel! Follow Jacquie as she and Tyler try to plan their perfect destination Christmas wedding. Naturally, Jacquie’s plans go awry when her boisterous family intervenes in her planning and her snooty wedding planner quits in protest. While nothing goes as initially planned, Jacquie and Tyler get a Christmas wedding more memorable than they could have ever dreamed.

Release Date: November 28, 2020 (USA) | Length: 87 min | Genre: Drama, Romance | Certificate: TV-PG

Note: I didn’t find an “official” trailer for the film. Above is a clip of Kelly Rowland singing “We Need A Little Christmas”.