Muhammad Ali, King Of the World (2000)

Biography, Drama, Gary Dourdan, Made for TV, Missing Trailer, Sports, Terrence Howard

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Director: John Sacret Young

Writer(s): David Remnick (book), John Sacret Young (teleplay)

Starring: Terrence Howard, Steve Harris, Chi McBride, Vyto Ruginis, Gary Dourdan, Carmen Argenziano, John Ventimiglia, Jason Winer, Joe Alaskey, Brandon Smith, Rodger Boyce, Phyllis Cicero, Jerry Haynes, Steve Shearer, Vince Davis, Blue Deckert, Buddy Howard, Darryl Cox, William Hardy, Troy Curvey Jr., Charles Sanders, Nik Hagler, Jamie ‘Showtime’ Stafford, Michelle Fitzgerald, Saint Adeogba, Jennifer Almaguer, Franklin J. Anderson, Timothy Davis, Jeremy Denzlinger, Cody Easterbrook, David Dman Escobar, Marcus Freeman, Julia Mailei, Bill Ross, Mickulus A Rubin, Heather Silvio, Michael Thornberry, Jared B. Wells

Synopsis: Cassius Clay (Terrence Howard) fights Sonny Liston (Steve Harris) and changes his name to Muhammad Ali, eventually becoming a renowned heavyweight boxer.

Release Date: January 10, 2000 (USA) | Length: 95 min | Genre: Biography, Drama, Sports | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Can’t find trailer for this movie. DVD is available used on Amazon but only with Region 2/PAL playback. I would need to see the film to better identify people.