Not Another Church Movie (2023)

Comedy, Coming Soon, General Film, Latest Trailer

Director: James Michael Cummings, Johnny Mack

Writer(s): Johnny Mack

Starring: Mickey Rourke, Jamie Foxx, Vivica A. Fox, Kyla Pratt, Jasmine Guy, Tisha Campbell, Lamorne Morris, Patricia Belcher, Kevin Daniels, Kearia Schroeder, Kaleina Cordova, James Michael Cummings, Xaveria Baird, Lydia Styslinger, Rachel Trautmann, AJ Bernard, Jey Reynolds, Deacon Randle, Maurice Godfrey, Jaden Lucas Miller, Patrick Lamont Jr., Michael Wayne Thomas, Yves B. Claude, Jermaine Carter, Paris Gerald, Tom Trundle, Emma Torres, Russell Jones, Gary Scruggs, Luc Ashley, William Matthew Mang, Jeremiah Cummings, Rich Henrich, Josh Thrower, Cheryl Lugo, Evan J. Mackey, Blake Panton, Alayna Bernard, Kenyatta Cheek

Synopsis: It follows Taylor Pherry, who is given a mission from God Himself: to tell his family’s stories and inspire his community. What he doesn’t know is that the Devil has plans of his own.

Release Date: December 2023 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: R | Note(s): Original Announcement. Original Original Announcement. T’Shaun Barrett, Jaron Marquis are producer on this project. I wasn’t able to identify Greg Jessie.