One Mile from Heaven (1937)

Director: Allan Dwan

Writer(s): Ben B. Lindsey, Robin Harris, Alfred Golden, Lou Breslow, John Patrick

Starring: Claire Trevor, Sally Blane, Douglas Fowley, Fredi Washington, Bill Robinson, Joan Carroll, Ralf Harolde, John Eldredge, Paul McVey, Ray Walker, Russell Hopton, Chick Chandler, Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, Howard Hickman, Raymond Brown, George Chandler, Lon Chaney Jr., Russ Clark, Floyd Criswell, Hal K. Dawson, Homer Dickenson, Eddie Dunn, Ralph Dunn, Frank Fanning, Bess Flowers, Lew Harvey, John Lester Johnson, Fred Kelsey, Leonard Kibrick, Charles Lane, Tom McGuire, Harry McKee, Ivan Miller, Dennis O’Keefe, Lee Phelps, George Reed, George Sparks, Bruce Warren, Charles C. Wilson, Eric Wilton

Synopsis: A newspaper woman believes she has a Scoop when she finds a ‘Quadroon-Mulatto’ woman who is thought by all to be the mother of a ‘White’ child.

Release Date: August 18, 1937 (USA) | Length: 67 min | Genre: Drama | Certificate: Approved

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