Director: Mario Van Peebles

Writer(s): Mario Van Peebles

Starring: Neal McDonough, Cam Gigandet, Whoopi Goldberg, William Mapother, M. Emmet Walsh, Edward James Olmos, John Carroll Lynch, Mario Van Peebles, Sean Bridgers, Meadow Williams, Cedric the Entertainer, Jake Manley, Allen Payne, Brian Presley, D.C. Young Fly, Eddie Spears, Mandela Van Peebles, Swen Temmel, Joseph Culp, Everett Blunck, Amber Reign Smith, Scytorya Rhodes, Golden Garnick, Scott McCauley, Duncan Vezain, Errol Sack, Dustin Whitehead, Iona Yabut, Lance Otto, Colin Wasmund, Allan Whitehead, Madison Calley, Cheyenne Mikkelsen, Issa Mitchum, Michael Miller, Charlie Mulluk, Buck Lunak, Brayan Dominguez, Thomas White Eagle, Pavani Mitchum, Haddie Dailey, Aurora Mitchum, Orion Mitchum, Gabriel Mitchum, Jerry Tam, Charlie Mulluk Jr., Savannah Mitchum, Jonathon Bosch

Synopsis: 1908. CHIEF (Mario Van Peebles) returns from years of hiding in Mexico to claim stolen reparations gold hidden in the hills of Montana but is chased by ANGEL (William Mapother), whose rationale to the gold leaves a trail of dead bodies.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama, Western | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original Announcement. Mario Van Peebles is also a producer on this project. Also known as “Outlaw’s”.