Riders of the Frontier (1939)

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet

Writer(s): Jesse Duffy, Joseph Levering

Starring: Tex Ritter, White Flash, Jack Rutherford, Hal Taliaferro, Olin Francis, Nolan Willis, Roy Barcroft, Merrill McCormick, Mantan Moreland, Edward Cecil, Bruce Mitchell, Jean Joyce, Marin Sais, Maxine Leslie, Bob Card, Jack Evans, Chick Hannan, Jack Hendricks, Jack King, Clyde McClary, Tex Palmer

Synopsis: The Rancho Grande, a Texas border ranch, cut off from the law by a gang of outlaws led by ranch foreman Bart Lane, who is holding the elderly owner of the ranch, Sarah Burton, a prisoner. Tex Lowery,an undercover Texas Ranger, rescues Martha Williams, a nurse sent for by the ailing Sarah, from a stagecoach holdup by Lane’s henchmen. He later convinces Laner that he is a wanted outlaw named Ed Carter, and gains entry to Rancho Grande. But the real Ed Carter shows up

Release Date: August 16, 1939 (USA) | Length: 58 min | Genre: Action, Music, Western | Certificate: Approved

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