Director: Leon Ichaso

Writer(s): Barry Michael Cooper

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Khandi Alexander, DeVaughn Nixon, Marquise Wilson, O.L. Duke, Clarence Williams III, Abe Vigoda, Anthony Thomas, Michael Wright, John Pittman, Steve Harris, Michael Guess, Kimberly Russell, Theresa Randle, Abdul Mutakabbir, Yusaf Ramadan, Karl Johnson, Andre Lamal, Dulé Hill, Sam Gordon, Larry Joshua, Raymond Serra, Frank Ferrara, Donald Faison, Bryan Clark, Lord Michael Banks, Alex Brown, Joe Dallesandro, Ernie Hudson, Nick Corello, Leslie Uggams, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Brenden Jefferson, Denetria Champ, Phyromn Taylor, Sam Bottoms, Maria R. Kelly, Vondie Curtis-Hall

Synopsis: Hardened, uncomprimising drug dealer Roemello Skuggs decides to quit his scumbag profession so he may start a new life with his girlfriend. However, he soon learns getting out is nowhere near as easy as getting in, as everything gradually builds up to end in tragedy.

Release Date: February 25, 1994 (USA) | Length: 123 min | Genre: Thriller, Drama | MPAA Rating: Rated R for intense drug related violence, graphic heroin use and strong language.