Director: Castille Landon

Writer(s): Castille Landon

Starring: Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Eugene Levy, Dennis Haysbert, Betsy Sodaro, Beverly D’Angelo, Victoria Rowell, Maria Howell, Josh Peck, Audrianna Lico, Taylor Madeline Hand, Eugenie Bondurant, Nicole Richie, Tom Wright, Kensington Tallman, James Stewart Welch Jr., Lacey Caroline, Tyler Weaks, Ashley Abrams, Zander Ash, Madison Geiger, Stephanie Hong, Ray Fawley, Jacob Tucker, Lindsey Blanchard, Barbara Nuss Stiles, Chris Savery, Bree Sowers, Ray Lewis Jr., LaFloyd Isiah, Darrell Herndon, Corina Violette, Artemis Davis, Brendon Carroll, Reese Chavis, Jim Diana, Tristan Farmer, Jay Scott Morris

Synopsis: Follows Nora, Ginny, and Mary, three childhood best friends who used to spend every summer at a sleep away camp together. After years, when the opportunity to get back together for a summer camp reunion presents itself, they all seize it.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Comedy | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original announcement. I wasn’t able to identify Artemis Davis, who plays  a young version of Victoria Rowell’s character in the film.