The Mothership (2023)

Director: Matt Charman

Writer(s): Matt Charman

Starring: Halle Berry, Molly Parker, Sydney Lemmon, Omari Hardwick, John Ortiz, Paul Guilfoyle, Leah Procito, Anastasia Mousis Sanidopoulos, Colin O’Brien, Anabel Graetz, Thomas Philip O’Neill, Omar Khan, Quinn McPherson, Rafael Silva, Jaiden J. Smith, Marilyn Busch, James Wilcox, Suzanne Gillies, Eveline Suter, Jeff Bouffard, Julian Karian, Rocco Navarro, Alex Barber, Christopher Wyman, Tyler Gevas, Tom Mariano, Dwayne Sneed, Oscar Antonio Andrade, GeGe Jackson, Isabella Werber, Tyler Burdick

Synopsis: The sci-fi adventure follows Sara Morse (Berry) one year since her husband mysteriously vanished from their rural farm. When she discovers a strange, extraterrestrial object underneath their home, Sara and her kids embark on a race to find their husband, father, and most importantly – the truth.

Release Date: 2023 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note: Halle Berry is a producer on this project.