The Ogilvy Fortune (2021)

Comedy, General Film, Limbo, Missing Trailer

Director: Frank Peluso

Writer(s): Frank Peluso

Starring: Keith David, Chevy Chase, Isabel Lucas, Nick Cassavetes, Richard Lewis, Brian White, Dennis Miller, George Wallace, Cris D’Annunzio, Frank Peluso, Solveig Hansen,

Synopsis: In 1986, Marvin stole 21 million in recently discovered pirate gold from the Ogilvy Hotel in the Caribbean Isles, where he works as a butler. But there’s a miscommunication with his partner, who dies in the getaway before he can tell Marvin where he hid his half of the money, somewhere inside the hotel. The treasure remains lost for thirty years. The narrative picks up again in the present day. Marvin still works at the hotel, which he learns is closing for good in just a few days. A group of swarthy grifters also learn of the Ogilvy’s impending closing. They descend upon the hotel, along with a beautiful young seductress, to try to find the treasure before Marvin can. The age old search for glory resumes. The quest for the Ogilvy Fortune, is on.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Comedy | MPAA Rating: Unknown | There has been no update on this project in a while. I’ll give it one more expiration before moving it to “Limbo” or “Never Made”. IMDB still has this title listed as being in “pre-production”, but I’m moving it to “Limbo”. If no update before next expiration, I’m moving it to “Never Made”.