Director: Penny Marshall

Writer(s): Robert Nathan (novel), Robert E. Sherwood, Leonardo Bercovici, Nat Mauldin, Allan Scott  (screenplay)

Starring: Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston, Courtney B. Vance, Gregory Hines, Jenifer Lewis, Loretta Devine, Justin Pierre Edmund, Lionel Richie, Paul Bates, Lex Monson, , , Marcella Lowery, Cissy Houston, Aaron A. McConnaughey, Shyheim Franklin, Taral Hicks, Kennan Scott, Jernard Burks, Michael Alexander Jackson, Jaime Tirelli, Shari Headley, Lizan Mitchell, Robert Colston, Victor Williams, Juliehera Destefano, Charlotte d’Amboise, Delores Mitchell, David Langston Smyrl, Harsh Nayyar, Mervyn Warren, Roy Haynes, George Coleman, Ted Dunbar, Jamil Nasser, Helmar Augustus Cooper, Mary Bond Davis, Toukie Smith, Mozelle Hawkins Allen, Eloise Beasley, Yolanda Beasley-Prime, Cassondra M. Breedlove, Dirk Chaney, Brenda J. Childs, Anthony Dean Copeland, Hayward Cromartie, Betty Cromartie Davis, Valerie Inez Edwards, Kimberley M. Garrett, Rutha Harris, Carolyn Henry, Gary Nuckles-Holt, Teretha G. Houston, Angela L. Jones, Morris Vernon Jones, Rose Merry Jordan, Jacqueline Martin, Betty Matthews, Corey McGee, Naguanda Miller, Sharon A. Mitchell, Beverly S. Nixon, Krishna Presha, Jacqulyn V. Saunders, Constance Small, , Lawrence K. Thomas, Ulisa A. Thomas, V. Ranaldo Welcome, Berta J. Williams, Kimberly L. Wright, Steven Brown, Rick Carter, Sterling Holloman II, Kenneth Paden, Dwain L. White, Aaron Jordan, Yakin Manasseh Jordan, Joshua Jordan, Tiffany Joseph, Jessica Malloy, Amia Hart, Tania McDonald-Tomlinson, Christopher Malloy, Andal Fequiere, Mark Gilbert, Michael Marshall, Shaun Purefoy, Tiffiny Monet Graham, Khalia Hamilton-Montoute, Marquis Bowen-Wallace, Lakeya Enos, Christine Lameisha Koon, Anthony Biggham, Taleah Enos, Jerry Brunsin, Anthony Burnett, Kevin Mitchell, Phillip Mitchell, Adam Alexi-Malle, Debbie Benitez, Anibal O. Lleras, David Madison, John Rowe Jr., Derrick Simmons, Ronald Sylvers

Synopsis: Good-natured Reverend Henry Biggs finds that his marriage to choir mistress Julia is flagging, due to his constant absence caring for the deprived neighborhood they live in. On top of all this, his church is coming under threat from property developer Joe Hamilton. In desperation, Rev. Biggs prays to God for help – and help arrives in the form of an angel named Dudley. However, Dudley’s arrival seems to cause even more trouble…

Release Date: December 13, 1996 (USA) | Length: 123 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | MPAA Rating: Rated PG for brief mild language.

Note: I identified as many people as I could. I found an Andal FeQuiere Sr. and Jr. but they are from Connecticut. Andal Sr. died in 2006 but I haven’t been able to link either to the film. Also, I couldn’t find a picture of gospel singer Anthony Biggham, only his father Milton Biggham and his son A. Samar Biggham.