Missing Trailer

Director: Alexander Hall

Writer(s): Wilson Collison, Philip G. Epstein, Ken Englund, James Edward Grant, Gladys Lehman play)

Starring: Melvyn Douglas, Virginia Bruce, Margaret Lindsay, Stanley Ridges, Gordon Oliver, Tom Dugan, Don Beddoe, Jonathan Hale, Pierre Watkin, Paul Harvey, Don ‘Red’ Barry, Gladys Blake, Harry Burns, Maurice Costello, Nell Craig, Frank Hall Crane, John Dilson, Pat Flaherty, Allen Fox, June Gittelson, Jack Hatfield, Russell Huestis, Lola Jensen, Marc Lawrence, Lucille Lund, Helen Lynd, Eric Mayne, Charles McMurphy, Mantan Moreland, William Newell, Vivien Oakland, Georgette Rhodes, Lee Shumway, George Turner, Lillian West, Larry Wheat, Charles C. Wilson, Lillian Yarbo

Synopsis: Bill Reardon, a private detective, is working on a case involving stolen items from a local jewelry store. The case takes a different turn when Bill’s prying wife wants to help catch the crook.

Release Date: December 24, 1938 (USA) | Length: 71 min | Genre: Comedy, Mystery | Certificate: Approved


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