Things Never Said (2013)

Drama, General Film, Omari Hardwick, Romance

Director: Charles Murray

Writer(s): Charles Murray

Starring: Shanola Hampton, Elimu Nelson, Omari Hardwick, Tamala Jones, Michael Beach, Dorian Missick, Anika C. McFall, Charlayne Woodard, Tom Wright, Rico E. Anderson, Darian Dauchan, Rebecca Davis, Liz Femi, Russell Ferguson, Yorke Fryer, Sydelle Noel, Dante Swain, Angela Teek, Denise Vasi, Alison Yates

Synopsis: Kal (Shanola Hampton) is an aspiring poet, but truthfully, she’s an artist who is lost. She tries desperately to find an outlet for her artistic voice as she struggles with her self-esteem and a difficult home life. When Kal meets fellow poet Curtis (Omari Hardwick), it’s the turmoil, surprise and uncertainty of a new love that ultimately help her find her voice…and a sense of self-worth.?

Release Date: September 6, 2013 (USA) | Length: 111 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Rated R for pervasive language and some sexual content.