Thunder Force (2021)

Director: Ben Falcone

Writer(s): Ben Falcone

Synopsis: Unknown


Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman, Bobby Cannavale, Pom Klementieff, Melissa Leo, Taylor Mosby, Marcella Lowery, Melissa Ponzio, Ben Falcone, Nate Hitpas, Jevon White, David Storrs, Kevin Dunn, Henry Bazemore Jr., Mikia Jeter, Steve Mallory, Bria Danielle, Tai Leshaun, Vivian Falcone, Mia Kaplan, Trevor Larcom, Jackson Dippel, Braxton Bjerken, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Sarah Baker, Jeryl Pennyman, Jon Patrick Walker, Sherrell Hubbard, Thomas Roberts, Isaac Hughes, Brendan Jennings, John Crow, Valerie Sue Love, Brandon M. Shaw, Keil Oakley Zepernick, Josh Diogo, Jenna Perusich, Damon Jones, Georgette Falcone, Danielle Gautier, Tim Lovestedt, Jeniffer Watkins, Courtney Patterson, Mac Alsfeld, Matthew Atchley, Zach Ball, Shane Berengue, Gloria Bishop, James Burns, Shawn Ray Cartel, Christopher Cocke, Klepper Dakota, Jace Dakotah, Chris TC Edge, James Hammond, Bethany Howard, Shiquita James, Jay D. Kacho, James H Keating, Skyler Knight, Jeannie Ledford, Beorht Lewinski, Natalya MacDonald-Risner, Bryan Metoyer, Perla Middleton, Rahiem Riley, Nadia Star, Art Sunday, Nina Tesa, M. Jearl Vinot, Patrick R. Walker, Teish Williams

Synopsis: In a world terrorized by super-villains, one woman has developed the process to give superpowers to regular people. But when scientist Emily Stanton accidentally imbues her estranged best-friend with incredible abilities, the two women must become the first superhero team. Now, it is up to Thunder Force to battle the super-powered Miscreants and save Chicago from the clutches of The King.

Release Date: April 9, 2021 (USA) | Length: 106 min | Genre: Action, Comedy | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some action/violence, language and mild suggestive material.

Note: Nicole L. Campbell was in the original cast list but not in the final one.