Untitled I Am Legend Reboot (2025)

Announced, Drama, General Film, Missing Trailer, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Zombies-DS

Director: Unknown

Writer(s): Akiva Goldsman, Mark Protosevich; Richard Matheson (novel “I Am Legend”)

Starring: Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan

Synopsis: A look at the plague that decimated New York City and gave birth to creatures known as the Infected.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Zombies | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original announcement. Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan are also producers on this project. Title changed from “Untitled I Am Legend Sequel” to “Untitled I Am Legend Reboot”. IMDB currently has no cast list for this movie but changing the title to “reboot” might suggest they wont need Will Smith. Aside from the Richard Matheson novel, the movie will also be based on a spec script titled ‘A Garden At The End Of The World’.