Where Hands Touch (2018)

Drama, General Film, Romance, War

Director: Amma Asante

Writer(s): Amma Asante

Starring: Abbie Cornish, Amandla Stenberg, Christopher Eccleston, George MacKay, Tom Goodman-Hill, Olivia Vinall, Alec Newman, Lucy Russell, Will Attenborough, Simon Harrison, Daniel Weyman, Tim Faraday, Tom Sweet, Ciarán Owens, Ethan Rouse, Jack Sandle, Cedric Tylleman, Griet van Damme, Allard Geerlings, Georgina Oates, Christian Bronchart, Tom Magnus, Kurt De Meuter, Andrew Vandaele, Thomas Ancora, Fleur van Ooij, Harry Henthorn, Richard Hird

Synopsis: Amandla Stenberg stars in director Amma Asante’s (A United Kingdom) disquieting coming-of-age romance about a Black German teenager who falls in love with a member of the Hitler Youth. READ REVIEW

Release Date: September 14, 2018 (USA) | Length: 122 min | Genre: Drama, Romance, War | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, violence/disturbing images, sexuality and language.

Note: Premierd at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2018. Listed above is the US theatrical release.