WRZ: White Racist Zombies (2020)

Comedy, General Film, Horror, Missing Trailer, Zombies

Director: Ben Rock

Writer(s): Aaron Shure

Starring: Phil LaMarr, Gary Anthony Williams, Wayne Brady, Ted Lange, Jonathan Mangum, Tom Kiesche, Leah Stanko Mangum, Mike Ostroski, Kate Freund, Chase Mangum, David Jahn, Michael Felix, Chloe Dworkin, Motown Maurice, Erik Marion, Ricky Jones

Synopsis: When a virus spreads only to the white people of Los Angeles, the black community must save itself when it realizes these Zombies don’t want brains: They want melanin.

Release Date: November 15, 2020 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Comedy, Horror, Zombies | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: This movie is suppose to be out now in limited release in 2019 but I found no poster or trailer to speak of. Release date moved from August 6, 2019 to November 15, 2020.