Director: Tom Shadyac

Writer(s): Doug Atchison

Starring: Aldis Hodge, Sherri Shepherd, Greg Kinnear, Melanie Liburd, Tiffany Dupont, Matt Battaglia, Xosha Roquemore, Dorian Missick, Monique Grant, Dean Denton, Gino Vento, Mary Faulkner, Harrison Stone, Trent Bounds, Cyril Smith, Edward Parker, Freedom, David Clyde Carr, Elisabeth Donaldson, Mystie Smith, Jacob Wingfield, Rick Vyper, Ashley Brasel, Calvin Williams, Tima Smith, Leslie Dianne, Evelyn Diana Frogge-Chabot, Torri Yates-Orr, Eric James Schultz, David Caffey, Johna Jolene Smith, Zeus Luby, Rachael Alethea, Corey Knox, Mario Luna, Brandon S.K. Porter, Myron Mays, T. Dion Burns, Jasper Owens, Tari McBride-Palmore, Ryan Breckenridge, Harmony Carrigan, Alex Hargett, William Blake Hudson, Harold McLeod II

Synopsis: The story of Brian Banks, an All-American high school football player committed to USC by his junior year whose life was upended in 2002 when he was falsely accused of rape. Despite maintaining his innocence, Banks was railroaded through the system and sentenced to a decade of prison and parole.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Biography, Drama, Sports | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: Title changed from “The Brian Banks Story” to “Brian Banks”.

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